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Dakota Classique Rock Furnishings
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Granite Countertops Fabricated By Dakota Classique Rock in Pierre, SD
Granite Table
A perfect table for outdoor living spaces or stately interiors. The table top is cut from glacial granite stone making each uniquely different in shape and color. Available with or without built-in fire ring.
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BOULDER Shelving
Rock Shelf
   njoy the warmth and beauty that natural stone can add to your living environment.  Our boulder décor are items hand crafted from glacial granite.  Naturally no two pieces are the same, so by choosing something we've already made, or commissioning us to do a special project you will be assured there will be nothing else exactly like it anywhere.  Inside your home, granite is elegant, makes a stately statement, or adds character to a rustic feel.  Outside, the strength and durability of granite allows for it to withstand the harshest  elements. 

Rock Tables
Rock Home Decor