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Dakota Classique Rock Furnishings
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Granite Table
Outdoor Table
A perfect table for outdoor living spaces or stately interiors. The table top is cut from glacial granite stone making each uniquely different in shape and color. Available with or without built-in fire ring.
BOULDER Shelving
Rock Shelf
BOULDER Light Rocks
Real Stone Lighting
   here is nothing so lovely as stone…. And our team of stone craftsmen let their imaginations come up with the most unique stone furnishings.  Our décor gallery will give you a sampling of stone possibilities.  If something interests you, we invite you to visit our showroom at 4030 SD Hwy 34, Pierre South Dakota or request a quote
Granite Bench
Fireplace Elements
Mantels, hearths, and surrounds, are true to the natural form of the glacial boulder from which they are cut. Dakota Classique Rock offers endless possibilities for customization.
Granite Fireplace Veneer
BOULDER Fireplace Elements
Real Stone Mantel
Granite Shelf
An impressive piece to display your art, photos, and findings. The natural shape of BOULDER Shelving remains unchanged. Available quartered or sliced with a variety of supporting corbels. Built in anchors assure sturdy placement.
BOULDER Accessories
Real Stone Mantel
Granite Fireplace Veneer
Landscape Rock Lights
It doesn't just look real, it is real…. And  virtually indestructible.   These low voltage light fixtures hook easily up to an existing system.  You can direct the light by the way the fixture is positioned.
"What is not stone, is light"  -Octavio Pav

Granite Landscape Light
Another one of our practical twists on natural glacial boulders meant to suit the needs of a sitter. Three piece construction, 100% natural.
Stone Bench
Real Stone Thin Veneer
Affordable, beautiful…. do not settle for less than "real".  Real stone will outlast anything man can make by thousands of years.  

Home Decor Accessories
Rock living accessories and design accents were born from our resistance to throw anything into the gravel pile! Enjoy these wine racks, stepping stones, fire rocks and other unique products. 
Wine Rack Rock