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Dakota Classique Rock Furnishings
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Soapstone Countertops Fabricated By Dakota Classique Rock in South Dakota
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   t the very heart of your home, family and friends gather
To eat and drink, to confide, console, to make plans, and to share your day.
It is only natural then, we suggest stone- the most beautiful, and inviting material to gather around.   Found and brought to us from all over the world, colors range from beautiful to more beautiful.   And we would absolutely love to see it in your kitchen… so be prepared to be treated like royalty when you come to our shop….. we always think that helps. 

The possibilities are endless.  And we love to take a look at your whole project to help in narrowing down the granite selection.  Color will play a huge part in what you choose.  Bring in or email us your cabinet plan.  It helps to show us the door color, flooring, and tile.  We have some slabs here- so it gives us a place to start. 

Choose from our stock of popular stone slabs or take advantage of our network of suppliers. For those of you who prefer local materials, we also fabricate countertops from South Dakota Boulders.
Once the design and proposal is agreed upon, we will schedule a time to template.  This will be  after your cabinets are in place.  Our team will arrive at your home and take precise measurements to ensure the finished product will fit perfectly.

After templating comes fabrication. We believe beautiful kitchens are created the old fashioned way….through careful planning and skillful craftsmanship.  Our shop is fully equipped with all the tools needed to make your custom countertops, and our team holds several certifications in different aspects of fabrication. 

When finished, typically 2 weeks following the template date, we are ready to install your project. Taking care during transport to make sure your stone is safely loaded and secured; our installation crew begins the final stage of the process.