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Dakota Classique Rock Furnishings
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Boulder Fire Tables
Fire Rock Patio Pit Table Video
Natural Boulder Table Top Inventory Video
   our search for the perfect table is over.  We cut Glacial granite boulders to make natural stone table tops for every situation.  Large conference tables to coffee tables, and in between…. the perfect rustic dining table.  Each unique in color and shape.  Durable enough for an outdoor patio table- and no, they won't blow away, or get washed away in a flood.  For entertaining, the perfect table is our Rock Fire Pit Table.  Mesmerizing  flames dance up through crushed rock in the center of the table.  Garden table or bar height, the bases are made from steel to support the 5'x5 (aprox) 1.25" thick stone top.  Propane or natural gas, electric igniter and removable grill grate.
*Please remember and appreciate that there is very little consistency in the stone elements of BOULDER furniture and living accessories. Each will differ in color, pattern, and shape depending on the characteristics of the natural glacial boulder it was cut from.