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About Dakota Classique Rock
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Flamed Cut Polished Natural or Carved
Finishing Granite Boulder
Our granite boulder inventory is stocked with our standard finish, Flamed. However, there are many more options available. All have their own unique characteristics to help you tell your story.
Flamed: our standard finish; the face is cut to provide a large flat area ideal for sandblasting; the area is then flamed to give the cut area a rough texture and retain the naturally rustic appearance; flaming also helps to remove any tooling marks from the cut

the face is cut to provide a large flat area ideal for sandblasting

our most authentic option; the rock is left in its natural state; depending on the form of each individual boulder, sandblasting options can be limited

the face is cut to provide a large flat area; the area is then polished to a high shine and ready for sandblasting; polishing granite enhances the color and reveals the natural art within; depending on the amount of contrast in the stone's pattern, this option is not always ideal as this design element can compete with the text and graphics featured in the customization

turn any boulder into a sculpted work of art; our artist cuts designs into stone using great care and precision

work with our designers to use any combination of textures

Design Ideas:
visit our gallery for examples of customization used in past projects
Flamed Finish
Cut Finish
Natural Finish
Polished Finish
Carved Finish
Mixed Finish