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Dakota Classique Rock Memorials
Dakota Classique Rock Memorials
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Nancy Gordon of Dakota Classique Rock- Using Computer Software To Design A Boulder Memorial
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Sandblasting Stone Boulders To Make Signs and Memorials Video
   our part in the design can be as involved as you'd like.  You are able to make decisions on the lettering and font style, the artwork, & any finishing touches. Or if you choose, give us  the basic information and let our design staff show you ideas. Our easy online form can get you started.

Stone Selection
Select Your Stone:
-Choose from our online inventory
-Visit our showroom
-Bring in your own boulder
-Or let us pick a boulder for you
Graphic Design
Designing Your Stone:
-Let us design it
-Bring or email us your ideas
-Or work with our designer
Make It Unique:
-Different finishes such as flamed, polished, or natural
-Add a porcelain photo
-Attach a brass plate
-Incorporate artwork or symbols for intimate personalization- stock, original, or your own.
How Will It Look?
Prior to finishing your glacial boulder memorial, we will use our computer technology to show you exactly how it will look.
As unique as each stone is, the design we carve into it will ultimately define how personal it is. We will work with you to ensure the memorial tells your story.
Call Nancy Gordon at 605.224.8089 to schedule an appointment today! She will gladly walk you through the steps to customize your unique or traditional memorial, gravestone, or grave marker.