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Dakota Classique Rock Furnishings
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Imported Granite Slabs
Our customers may find just what they are looking for in our small but beautiful inventory here at Dakota Classique Rock. We generally carry variety of 20 to 30  granite slabs that are approximately 6ft. x 8-9ft. and 1.25" thick.   Or, you may view hundreds of colors in our stone holders website, which shows color calibrated full slab photos taken at their location. Once a granite color is chosen, we will  truck it in for viewing.  Some customers visit a stone holder and choose the exact slab to be shipped to us for fabrication.

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Local Glacial Granite From South Dakota
Glacial granite refers to the large scale boulders brought to the prairie by glacier movement.  What is different about glacial granite for counter top is that there will be no other like it in the world, because there are no two boulders alike.  We cut boulder slabs, then polish or brush finish them, just like imported granite is finished.  Because we are limited by size of the boulder, we usually have to seam more often than with imported granite slabs.  Often times a  customers will choose to leave the stones natural shape for the island- which becomes a focal point in the home.